If you build it, they will come.

Posted by Vali Ciobanu on June 20, 2013 0 Comments
  • Visually Dynamic, crowd pleasure at every kind of venue
  • Space saving design will fit in even the smallest indoor space
  • Built to last! Steel structure with reinforced cross steel bars
  • Fast turnaround of patrons
  • Jump over 20 feet into the air and perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults that will make even gymnasts green with envy
  • Predominant eye catcher that draws crowds to every kind of event
  • Appeals to thrill seekers of all ages
  • Designed for amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and family entertainment centers
  • High Customer repeat rate
  • The Spider Jumps revolutionary design for multiple and modern use makes it possible to serve 4 jumpers simultaneously within a limited space (25’x25’x24’)

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